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  1. This year we spent 5 unforgettable weeks in Sri Lanka. Three weeks of travelling through this beautiful and highly interesting country and two weeks of relaxation in a bungalow on the south coast. Upon our arrival in Negombo we met mr. Basil Perera and I can only say that we were very lucky. He was the right man in the right place and on the right moment. First of all, he is a very friendly and decent gentleman. Very knowledgeable and experienced as far as the historical, natural and cultural highlights are concerned. But also he showed us details, one cannot find in a tourist information guide. He gave us all the information we asked for without being overly talkative. A clear demonstration of his long experience in this business. Although we hired his services as a driver (and a very skilled and safe driver he proved to be), he provided us with various extra services, like arranging good hotels for decent prices. In this travelling business he seems to know al the key persons. Nothing was too much for him. In these three weeks we were treated as if we were of royal blood. And of course he speaks very good English! We have travelled in more than 60 countries world-wide; mostly individually and it is rare to find a tour guide/ driver who equals mr. Perera. His contribution to make our vacation unforgettable was priceless. Thank you very much! Anneke and Hans. The Netherlands.

  2. We were in Sri Lanka for 5 days in September 2018. It was a pleasure to have Mr Perera as our tour guide and he was great company as he drove us around. Mr Perera offered a bespoke travel experience and had links with many of the tourist site personnel, restaurants and hotels throughout Sri Lanka. It was very clear that Mr Perera has been working in the travel industry in Sri Lanka for a very long time owing to the fact that he knew so many people everywhere we went. Mr Perera was very knowledgeable and experienced about all the historical, cultural and natural sites that we visited. He was at all times courteous, professional, honest and nothing was too much trouble for him. At one point a member of our family lost a pair of glasses and Mr Perera managed to arrange for the glasses to be delivered back to us safely very quickly through his numerous contacts. We felt very lucky to have Mr Perera as our driver as we felt safe and it was all all together a very enjoyable experience. We are truly thankful to Mr Perera for what he did for us and we have great memories of our trip to Sri Lanka. We would highly recommend Mr Basil Perera and his company Perera Tours for anyone who wishes to see Sri Lanka!

  3. Im August dieses Jahres fuhren wir eine Woche durch Sri Lanka. Die Reise war sehr aufschlussreich und bleibt uns lange in Erinnerung. Wir sahen viele schöne nicht-touristische Orte, die wir nicht gefunden hätten wenn wir nicht unseren tollen Fahrer Basil Perera dabei hätten. Er hat immer versucht uns Sri Lanka näher zu bringen.

    Alle Hotels, die er für uns aussuchte, waren komfortabel und erfüllten unsere Erwartungen, was unsere Reise deutlich vereinfachte. Als Fahrer ist er sehr erfahren, immer sehr pünktlich, immer in einer guten Laune. Alle unsere spontanen Wünsche versuchte er zu erfüllen. Wir hatten manchmal einige Schwierigkeiten, bei derer Lösung er immer bereit war zu helfen.

    Außerdem war der Minivan sehr komfortabel.

    Ohne Basil wäre diese Reise nur halb so gut.
    Wenn wir irgendwann wieder nach Sri Lanka kommen, werden wir uns hundertprozentig wieder an ihn wenden.

    Danke Basil, wir vermissen Sie.

  4. Путешествовали с Бейзилом по Шри-Ланке в декабре 2018 года. Бейзил отличный человек и очень компетентный гид. Помог с решением всех организационных вопросов, начиная от планирования маршрута путешествия, бронированием и оплатой отелей, заканчивая трансферами в аэропорт и обменом денег на острове. Знает все тонкости пребывания на острове, отличный собеседник. Дорогой Бейзил, без вашей помощи нам не удалось бы узнать так много о вашей стране за столь короткий срок. Спасибо!

  5. I know mr. Basil approx. 10 years. Amazing Shri Lanka only with mr. Basil! Hi is very competent gide, intelligent men.
    During of all trip hi decide al our problems. He book a hotels, orange a transport support, even help us in a market plaсes.
    I want to take this opportunity to tell you: Dear mr. Basil Thank you for Shri Lanka!!! I hope my mother Olga ( you know her) will come to your Shri Lanka soon.
    PS.: Due to Basil approx 80 people from Ukraine ( all my friends and simply people i know) receive amazing trip to Shri Lanka.So my best recommendations for all who want to explore this country- mr. Basil Perera!!!

  6. Every successful trip needs a good planning and if you are lucky you’ll have a good person like Mr Basil to make your trip a memorable one.Yes my trip was unplanned n very short one.Was not sure if i really could enjoy this sudden trip.But all thanks to Mr Basil who made it possible.
    It was a wonderful experience and I got the opportunity to see and enjoy things which i had thought of.I know even person who is taking the responsibility will also have challenge when it comes to a short trip visitors who wants to cover most of the places.Here Mr Basil did a great job I was overwhelmed because the hotels he gave was wonderful the restaurants he too was fantastic the best was of Sigiriya..Wow the resort was wonderful and more than that the staff there was very grounded and warm.Though it was hectic as I mentioned before it was a very short trip but i covered everything which i had thought .I enjoyed all wonderful foods of Sri Lanka and all my unplanned trip turned out to be a fantastic memorable one and all credit goes to Mr Basil.I would not hesitate to recommend my friends to Mr Basil for trip to Sri Lanka.Thanks a ton sir…

    1. We spent 7 wonderful days with Mr Basil and enjoyed every second of it!
      He gave us the perfect introduction for this Country Sri Lanka and told us everything about the tradition and the people. It was a real local experience with the best food and the nicest people. Even with the Economy crisis with all the powercuts and fuel shortage everything went well and as he had planned. We couldn’t have wished for a better guide and we would totally do its again.
      We just want to thank you for this amazing Trip and hope to meet you again Dome day!

  7. Uncertain Plan,short duration for Sri Lanka Vacation but everything smooth and awsome trips to all the beautiful places in just three days,Mr Basil-awsome,friendly,down to earth and best guide ever i met compare to my different guides i met in other countries!!My best wishes of more success and growth in your business in future.Kandy,Sigiriya,Negombo in three days-very well managed by Mr Basil and also i would like to Thanks from the buttom of my heart to his son Mr Manjula Perera who recommended and helped us a lot in this short trip!!
    Definitely i will recommend to be with Perera Tours anyone whoever wants to visit Sri Lanka-The place of Blessed natural beauty and beautiful hearted peoples…
    Hope to visit again in life!!Thanks To everyone in Sri Lanka whoever helped us and gave us the best way of their services and Thanks a lot and lot again to Mr Basil,Mr Manjula and the whole Family!!!😊🙏🙏

  8. Wer Sri Lanka wirklich kennenlernen möchte, dem kann ich nur empfehlen, nicht mit irgendeinem Fahrer, sondern mit Basil über die Insel zu fahren. Er kennt sich aus, zeigt, was es abseits der Touristenströme zu sehen gibt.
    Wir haben Basil vor 25 Jahren bei unserer ersten Reise mit unseren Kindern nach Sri Lanka zufällig kennengelernt und mit ihm unsere erste Rundreise gemacht. Im Jänner 2019 waren wir nun zum fünften Mal, diesmal mit einem unserer Enkelkinder, mit Basil unterwegs und es hat wieder alles perfekt gepasst. Wir freuen uns schon auf das nächste Mal und auf Basil.

  9. Dear Basil,
    it’s been more that 5 years since we’ve first met, but still I do remember every minute of that remarkable trip you gave us. Thank you for being hospitable, caring and easy going person. You showed us Sri Lanka in all of its beauty. You’ve cared for us. You’ve been an excellent companion.
    To whomever it may concern:
    you can definitely rely on Basil without shade of doubt, your trip with him would be shiny and pleasant!

  10. Путешествуем по Шри-Ланке только с Безилом. Нам очень повезло познакомиться с ним в 2016 году и повторное путешествие в январе 2019, конечно, мы провели в его сопровождении. Он отличный гид, прекрасный собеседник, хорошо ведет машину. Предлагает план поездки с учетом наших пожеланий. Он порядочный, спокойный и интелегентный. С ним мы чувствем себя в безопасности. Шри-Ланка очень красивая, зеленая и чистая страна. Рекомендуем посетить! Желаем всем прекрасного отдыха, Безил станет вам прекрасным помощником и гидом!

  11. В январе 2020 года благодаря Бэзилу у нас было удивительное путешествие по стране. Собирались мы на Шри-Ланку в авральном режиме, за один день. И всего за день Бэзил нам все забронировал, подготовил план. В итоге поездка прошла идеально. Отдельное спасибо за то, что пока мы отдыхали на океане, Бэзил постоянно нас спрашивал, как дела и давал ценные советы, как поступить в той или иной ситуации, с учетом того, что по этому направлению я летала первый раз, да еще и с ребенком. На Бэзила можно положиться, если бы его не было, я бы наверное сошла с ума, потому что ехала в полную неизвестность, не успев ничего изучить про страну. Было очень здорово. Когда поехали по стране были забронированы очень приятные и недорогие гостиницы.

  12. We have travelled to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon and we hired Mr.Perera for couple of trips and it was one of the best decisions made. Since we didn’t have a lot of time, but wanted to see a lot, we managed due to his perfect service. In Sri Lanka distances sometimes seem short, but once you’re on the road in a bus or on a train it takes forever. Basil has been very professional from the very start, from the first correspondence all the way until goodbye. His driver Lalita was great driver first of all, but also kind, humble and it was a pleasure riding with him. He showed us so many things we would never see or know along the way.
    There was no hidden costs, and even with our changes and requests, our every wish was fulfilled. I would strongly recommend Perera Tours if you’re visiting Sri Lanka and if you have any doubts in your travel plans.

  13. I planned to visit Sri Lanka for 6 day to cover kandy , nuwaraelia, negombo.. I landed in kandy at very beautiful hotel Devon with the beautiful view room .. I have been treated so well by hotel staff and tour guide.. they really cared about my comfort.. since I am vegetarian they managed to get me food I need 😊 .. i enjoyed culture dance .. i have been treated so well by Mr basil ☺️ .. the special visit to buddhha temple in kandy .. after two days we headed to nuwara eliya and covering tea factory 🏭 I did a lot of tea shopping 😊 I found nuwara eliya is beautiful place of Sri Lanka if you love Hills and beautiful drive ☺️ I loved the hotel in nuwara eliya as it was very unique hotel for me ..😊 stayed there for one and than headed to negombo beach hotel and enjoyed massage and Ayurveda bath .. which made me feel like new born ..☺️ I recommend this tour as it will make feel so comfortable and you will be treated so well at all the places. Special thanks to Mr basil and Manjula for making my trip memorable.. God bless you with all happiness and love ❤️

  14. Discover the beautiful Sri Lanka with the help of Perera tours.
    We had a wonderful vacation in Sri Lanka in March 2020. The first 6 days were very eventful and Mr. Perera. The driver from his company was very friendly, neat and ready to help in any situation.Our driver drove the car very well: safe and comfortable. Mr Perera helped me correct the route and gave valuable advice. On the first day, we visited Pinnawala, then two days in Sigiriya (with a visit to both mountains and the ancient capital of Polonnaruwa), then Nuwara Eliya and Horton Plains, Liptons Seat and finally drove to Ella.
    He also helped us with a return transfer from Mirissa to the airport.
    We are very grateful for such professionalism and concern for us.

  15. In June 2019, we were in Sri Lanka and used the services of Perera tours. The route was built by ourselves, it included a train in the middle of the trip, and small trips in the vicinity of overnight stays – Perera tours gave the best price, as well as excellent service – all wishes were taken into account, everything was as we planned!
    highly recommend !! if we go again, be sure to go with Perera tours !!

    В июне 2019 мы были на Шри-Ланке и воспользовались услугами Perera tours. Маршрут строили сами, он включал в себя и поезд в середине поездки, и мелкие поездки в окрестностях ночевок – Perera tours дал и лучшую цену, а так же отличный сервис – все пожелания были учтены, все было как мы и планировали!
    очень рекомендуем!! если поедем еще раз, то обязательно с Perera tours!!

  16. We were a group of altogether six people, 4 adults, one child and one infant, and spent 14 days in March 2022 in Sri Lanka together with Mr. Basil Perera, and it was despite the tough situation (fuel shortage, daily power outages) really one of the best vacations we ever had. Mr. Basil is very friendly, helpful and absolutely reliable. Also the kids liked him a lot, our youngest for example was sometimes walking around with Mr. Basil while we were finishing breakfast or dinner. For my daughter, he even had a fresh pineapple as a trophy after she managed to climb the Sigiriya rock, and she was very proud about that. Mr. Basil is always on time and tries to fulfill all spontaneous wishes. He is further a very good driver, so we felt very safe in the sometimes crazy traffic. We particularly appreciated his assistance when visiting the historic sites. He helped us buying the tickets, provided lots of valuable information about the sites themselves, drove us around and picked us up at predefined spots. He really knows the island by heart and is exactly the guide you need. We enjoyed our stay so much that we really would like to come again somewhen in the future, and we would be happy if Mr. Basil would again be our guide! Best wishes, Mr. Basil!

  17. Last April, two families (4 adults and 3 children) spent a wonderful 10 days in Sri Lanka, with the guidance of Basil Perera. Before the trip, we decided on a route together with him, and when we arrived, he had everything prepared. We traveled all over the island with Basil and he was always advising us of great places and giving us all the flexibility to change plans and times. He also advised us on where to shop and recommended prices. He is also a very good driver, and enormously affectionate with the children. He also has many contacts (for example, we lost a suitcase on our flight, and he did everything he could to get it back on our route as soon as possible by calling his contacts at the airport). He is an extraordinary guide, and I hope to repeat with him to visit more parts of Sri Lanka in the future!

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